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The province of Fermo, and the Marches in general, are incredibly rich with gastronomic specialties which forte lies in their simple ingredients and addicting taste.

The local gastronomy offers both meat and fish dishes, sweets, and wines. The most notable are the ciabuscolo, or ciauscolo, a soft salami which can also be spread on bread; the world known olive all'ascolana, a street food consisting of olives stuffed with meat or fish, dipped in breadcrumbs and deep-fried, often accompanied by cremini, bits of custard dipped in breadcrumbs and deep-fried; Maccheroncini di Campofilone, a kind of egg-based pasta cut into thin noodles; vincisgrassi, a local variant of lasagne; the brodetto, a sort of bouillabaisse, made with fish from the Adriatic sea and tomato sauce, with as many variants as the places in which it can be tasted. Truffles, the gold our our Sibillini mountains, also play an important role in our gastronomy; white or black, they can be found easily in the inland.

We also brew many types of wine, the most known being the Rosso Piceno, red, and the Passerina and Pecorino, white.

In our tradition we certainly do not lack sweets: they are mostly bound to religious celebrations, and may assume different names than in other Italian regions. In occasion of Mardi Gras, the most common are sfrappe (a kind of fritters), castagnole (fritters dipped in honey and sometimes liquor), and cicerchiata, bits of dough deep-fried, ring-shaped and held together by honey. During Easter, there are many kinds of cheese pizzas and doughnuts; during the autumn, we have doughnuts and cookies to go with chestnuts and vino cotto (literally, "cooked wine"; a sweet liquor similar to Madeira obtained from unfermented must). Christmas is the time of some of the most creative sweets we offer: lu serpu, literally the snake, a snake-shaped caked which secret recipe originates in Falerone; the Amandovolo, created in Porto San Giorgio, a chocolate cake with sour almonds; the Fristingo, which goes by many names (Frustengo, Frustingo), a dough made from cocoa, figs, and dried fruit, often offered as a gift.

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